2011 Forum for Curators of Chinese Art

Hosting Institution: Seattle Asian Art Museum (U.S.A)
Date: 27 - 29 July 2011


Panel I - New Light on Permanent Collectionts

Moderator: Jenny SO (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

  Speaker Organization Topic
1 Peter Y. K. LAM The Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Happy Birthday to the Emperor: A Blue and White Vase Revisited (English)
2 Joseph CHANG Asian Art Museum, Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture (U.S.A) Calligraphy, Painting, and Seal: An Initial Survey of the Permanent Collections of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (English)
3 XU Xiaodong The Palace Museum (China) A Reconsideration of Several Jades in The Palace Museum Collection (English)
4 Hiromi KINOSHITA Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (U.S.A) Material Study and Dating of Inlaid Mother-of-Pearl Lacquers (English)
5 LING Lizhong Shanghai Museum (China) New Light on Wang Yuanqi and Dong Qichang: Two Works from the Shanghai Museum (Chinese)
6 Ming WILSON Victoria and Albert Museum (U.K) Take a Closer Look at Coromandel Screens (English)
7 Elinor PEARLSTEIN The Art Institute of Chicago (U.S.A) Drafting New Biographies of Ancient Jades (English)

Panel II - Presenting and Collecting Contemporary Art

Moderator: KAO Mayching (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

  Speaker Organization Topic
1 Melissa CHIU Asia Society Museum (U.S.A) How Strategies and Form have Evolved in the Past Decade and Shaped the Future
2 Shelagh VAINKER The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology, University of Oxford (U.K.) Contemporary Chinese Art in the Ashmolean Museum
3 Anita CHUNG The Cleveland Museum of Art (U.S.A) Contemporary Challenges: The Cleveland Experience (English)
4 Robert MOWRY Harvard Art Museums (U.S.A) Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings at the Harvard Art Museums: Exhibitions and Collections (English)

Panel III - Collaborations among Museums -- Sharing Resources

Moderator: Colin MACKENZIE (The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, U.S.A)

  Speaker Organization Topic
1 CHI Jo-Hsin National Palace Museum (Taiwan) The Archives of Imperial Display in The Palace Museum and Some Objects in the National Palace Museum (Chinese)
2 CHAN Lai Pik The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Chinese Jades in the Wstern Context: Two Case Studies (Chinese)
3 LEI Yong The Palace Museum (China) Was Malachite the Most Popular Green Pigment? (English)
4 Lesley LAU Public Museum of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) A Survey of Chinese Export Paintings at The British Museum (English)
5 ZHU Saihong The Palace Museum (China) A Preliminary Investigation of Rare Books from the Qing Imperial Collection in Taipei (Chinese)
6 Valentina MARABINI The British Museum (U.K) Studying Conservation of Chinese Heritage Paintings: Placement at the Shanghai Museum (English)

Panel IV - Exhibitions in Planning

Moderator: Jan STUART (The British Museum, U.K)

  Speaker Organization Topic
1 Nancy BERLINER Peabody Essex Museum (U.S.A) Research on Eight Broken (Bapo) Painting Motif
2 Keith WILSON Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian Institution (U.S.A) Lessons from the Xiangtangshan Project (English)
3 James LIN The Fitzwilliam Museum (U.K) Imperial Tombs of Han China -- Xuzhou and Guangzhou
4 Josh YIU Seattle Art Museum (U.S.A) Celebrating Chinese Painting and Calligraphy at SAM - An Exhibition Without Labels (English)
5 SHEN Chen Royal Ontario Museum (Canada) Exhibiting Archaeology: Ancient Artwork in Context (English)

** Arranged in keynote presentation order