Adriana PROSER
Asia Society Museum

The Second US - China Museum Leaders Forum, Shanghai and Hangzhou 2014

From Nov 18-21 Asia Society (AS) and the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries will host the second US-China Museum Leaders Forum in China. The forum is an AS initiative that began in 2012 to develop tangible and actionable projects that museums in the US and China could execute to promote better collaboration and exchange. In 2012 the museum leaders identified various benefits of museum exchanges. Such programmes provide information and experiences to museum audiences; foster tolerance and understanding between nations; and enhance cultural competence in a globalized world. The directors also identified obstacles impeding museum collaborations, including disparities in resources and practices; cumbersome bureaucratic, legal, and regulatory systems; a lack of familiarity between museum professionals; and the absence of institutional and funding mechanisms to facilitate exchanges. The consensus view among those attending was that the expansion of museum collaborations will require new funding and organizational mechanisms to spur and conduct exchange activities. This presentation will be an overview of the Forum, which includes panel discussion on successful museum exchanges and on the state of art philanthropy in the US and China.