Jun TOMITA 富田淳
Tokyo National Museum

Collaborative Chinese Art Exhibitions at the Tokyo National Museum, 2012-2014

From January 2012 to September 2014, the Tokyo National Museum held the following five exhibitions of Chinese Art:

I. Two Hundred Selected Masterpieces from the Palace Museum, Beijing (2 Jan-19 Feb, 2012)

II. The Twentieth Century for Chinese Landscape Painting: Selected Masterpieces from the National Art Museum of China (31 Jul-26 Aug, 2012)

III. Wang Xizhi: Master Calligrapher (22 Jan-3 Mar, 2013)

IV. Treasures of Chinese Painting from the Shanghai Museum (1 Oct-24 Nov, 2013)

V. Treasured Masterpieces from the National Palace Museum, Taipei (24 Jun-15 Sep, 2014)

The number of international loans were: 200 items for I, 50 for II, 4 for III, 40 for IV, and 186 for V (231 if loans to the Kyushu National Museum, to which the exhibition travelled, are included). I, III, and V were large-scale exhibitions held in the galleries on the second floor of the Heiseikan building, which has 2,900 square meters of exhibition space. Most of these exhibitions were realized as a result of the long-term relationships - exceeding over 20 years - that the Tokyo National museum has enjoyed with Chinese institutions.

Our museum had to give up certain loans immediately before the opening dates of the exhibitions due to the international political climate. In my presentation, I will discuss the exhibitions held in 2012-2014, the processes leading up to their openings, our aims in holding these exhibitions, as well as the influence they had and the problems that arose both in and outside of Japan.