Daisy WANG 王伊悠
Peabody Essex Museum

The Past and the Future of US-China Museum Collaboration at the Peabody Essex Museum

The PEM has a long history of engagement with China. Established in 1799, the Museum holds the very first American museum collection of Chinese art, which was formed in 1800. Highlights in our Chinese art collection include the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Chinese export art and the largest American museum collection of nineteenth-century photographs of China. Since 2003 the museum has been home to Yin Yu Tang, a unique 200-year-old house from China and the only intact example of Chinese vernacular architecture in the US Most recently, we worked with the Palace Museum, Beijing to organize a major traveling exhibition in the US featuring Emperor Qianlong's garden Juanqinzhai.

Delving into the museum's deep historical ties to China inspires new thinking about our future collaboration with China. This presentation shares information about collaboration opportunities at PEM and considers a number of new avenues to collaboration with Chinese colleagues in exhibition, publication and digital projects.