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Chinese Cultural Relics Exhibitions - An Approach to Beauty of China

Chinese cultural relics exhibition opens a new prospect of cultural relics exchanges and cooperation with other countries. It serves as a window to show Chinese culture to the world and plays a prominent and efficient role in facilitating Chinese diplomatic relations.

General Information of Chinese Outbound and Inbound Exhibitions:

From 2005 to 2013, Chinese museums had held 492 outbound exhibitions in 48 countries and regions. The number of exhibitions held in Asia is 276, taking 56% in total. In Europe and America, China had sent 198 shows taking the percentage of 40%; the other 4% are in Africa and Oceania, where more exhibitions are desperately needed to be presented. It can be indicated from the above figures that Chinese cultural relics exhibitions have become hot topics and distinguished business cards and earned great prestige in the world.

Adjustments in Legislation on Outbound and Inbound Cultural Relics Exhibitions:

To have better international perspective, Chinese government keeps adopting and optimizing legislations on outbound and inbound cultural exhibitions. The focus has been shifted to cultural exchange, scientific research, and cultural relics protection.

Key Cases of Inbound and Outbound Exhibitions:

According to statistics, in 2013, there are 67 inbound and outbound exhibitions, with their duration ranging from 14 months to 5 days and 49 domestic and 61 international museums getting involved. 6199 pieces of exhibits has been presented to the audience, among which 328 pieces are Grade-A. Some of them are really welcomed and acclaimed such as Early China, Treasures of China, Tea Culture and Buddhism on the Silk Road.

Trends of Outbound and Inbound Exhibitions:

Audiences are fascinated by cultural diversity or mysterious beauty in the flow of rich and colorful exhibitions all around the world. In the future, exhibitions themed National Treasure, Cultural Memory, Vivid Chinese Life, Etiquette and Ceremony, Archives Treasure, Glory Land and Talented People, Cultural Heritage, and Contemporary China will be presented to show the past and the present of China. It is believed that with the development of international museum and exhibition exchanges, Chinese cultural relics exhibitions will become more dynamic and attractive.