CHEN Yafei 陳雅飛
Zhejiang University Museum of Art and Archaeology 浙江大學藝術與考古博物館

The Educational Functions of University Museums: Taking Zhejiang University Museum of Art and Archaeology and Yale University Art Gallery as Examples
大學博物館的教育功能之探討 ─ 以浙江大學與考古博物館和耶魯大學美術館為例

The Zhejiang University Museum of Art and Archaeology (ZUMAA) was decided to be built under the resolution of the Zhejiang University in 2009. The construction has been working for seven years. When completed, ZUMAA will turn out to be a teaching museum for art history, with its functions and facilities up to the international standard. Since its early stage of planning, ZUMAA has been working together with museum experts in USA, Europe and Asia, as well as those in our country, so as to make use of their experience to cope with the need of our universities in the contemporary world.

The Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG), founded 170 years ago, is the oldest university museum in USA. It is highly celebrated for not only its rich collections but also its accomplishment in museum education, thus making the Yale University an important center for the general education of art history. In 2014, I stayed as J.S. Lee Memorial Fellow in USA for eight months, during which I worked in the Education Section under the supervision of Dr. David Ake Sensabaugh, Head of the Department of Asian Art, YUAG. In addition to gaining valuable experiences in museum education and exhibition curating in YUAG, I was able to visit dozens of university museums, public museums and private museums for the understanding of the building facilities, exhibitions of collections, education programs, etc.

Basing on my experience in USA and my participation in the preparation work for the Education Section of ZUMAA, this talk will introduce how university museums in our country could be benefited from international experiences. I hope very much that by taking advice from local and overseas experts, I could work better in making ZUMAA a center for general education of art history.