Asian Art Museum, National Museums in Berlin 柏林國立亞洲藝術博物館

Starting from the King: Berlin's New Chinese Art Galleries

In Berlin a new, large museum and center for the arts and cultures of Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania is being built, the Humboldt Forum, to open end of 2019. The museum galleries comprise 18,000 square meters, of which Asian Art covers 5000 square meters. Chinese art (including ancient Xinjiang) is about 2000 square meters. We move the Chinese art collection of about 5000 objects and Xinjiang ancient Buddhist Art collection of about 15,000 objects from the current Asian Art Museum in the suburbs into the Humboldt Forum in the middle of town. With our splendid collections, we will tell new stories, which will have more context, more transcultural focus, and more contemporary relevance than in the old museum. This is a museum for the globalized world of the 21st century, that welcomes visitors from all over the world and shows them art and cultural objects also from their own country in ways that makes them rethink their own culture. Of course, we don't forget tradition: we start the Chinese galleries with a magnificent Shang-Dynasty Yue-Axe that symbolizes kingship.