WANG Fang 王芳
Guangdong Museum 廣東省博物館

Cooperation with the Archaeologist Director: On the Education Program in the Exhibition of "Sailing the Seven Seas - Legend of Ming Maritime Trade during Wanli Era"

The biggest challenge Guangdong Museum are facing involves several aspects, such as how to build a new type of partnership with visitors, how to enhance their educational experience, how will education become the core mission for a traditional museum, and how to persuade the museum curator with an archaeological background to support educational activities in museum? The speech today will, therefore, take exhibition of "Sailing the Seven Seas - Legend of Ming Maritime Trade during Wanli Era" as an example, introducing how educational activities on underwater archaeology, marine archaeological relics and the history background are planned and designed, as well as how student exhibition planners are organized to get engaged in the preparation of the exhibition. It also reveals the secrets on how the curator has been convinced to add educational activities and readable information for an exhibition, and how "Curator's coming" becomes an institutionalized branding program. Finally, it explores how Guangdong Museum, with limitations of capital budgeting, has succeeded in inviting social institutions to cooperate in the exhibitions of "Maritime Silk Road " in both Canton Tower and the Gangzhou subway, which therefore brings the museum exhibitions out of its building and gets closer to the general public.