WANG Guanyu 王冠宇
Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學文物館

Memory of the Golden Age: The Chinese Porcelain Collection of Portuguese Museums

As one of the 2014/2015 J. S. Lee Memorial Fellows, the speaker will share her exchange experience at the Site Museum of Mosteiro Santa Clara-a-Velha, Coimbra, Portugal.

The sharing will be divided into three parts: the first part is a brief introduction of the museum which serves to explain why it was chosen as the host institution. As a conservation institution built aside the historical site, the Site Museum is significant for its collection of excavated Chinese porcelain, which is among the first Chinese porcelain pieces imported into Portugal in around mid-16th century. Before the discovery, there was nearly no known archaeologically found pieces of this period and as excavated pieces reflecting much more contextual information than those acquired by other means, the collection of the Site Museum is of rare value to ceramics studies. The second part of the sharing is a review of the speaker's major activities in the Site Museum, which includes studying the Chinese porcelain collection systematically, leading curatorial work of the special exhibition Memory of the Golden Age: Chinese Porcelain of 16th Century in the Old Monastery of Santa Clara, and conducting a field trip in the Netherlands. In the last part, the speaker will express her sincere appreciation to the J. S. Lee Memorial Fellow Programme and raise suggestions based on her own experience, which she expects to be helpful to the future development of the Programme and its new participants.

作為2014/2015利榮森紀念訪問學人,講者將重點分享其於葡萄牙科英布拉舊聖克拉拉修道院遺址博物館(Museum of Mosteiro Santa Clara-a-Velha)交流訪問的經歷。