Birgitta AUGUSTIN 愛古心
Asian Art Museum, National Museums in Berlin 柏林國家博物館亞洲藝術館

Chinese Literati Art and Culture - A Local Idea and its Global Impact
中國文人藝術與文化 ─ 本土觀念及其全球影響

So-called literati art (art by cultured men, wenren, or men of letters) is one of the highpoints of Chinese cultural life. Outside of China, in areas with a large Chinese speaking diaspora, substantial collections exist that contain not only valuable objects which were sought after and collected by those cultured men, but, more importantly, also a significant number of paintings and calligraphies, the latter of which considered the pinnacle of literati art. In Europe, the situation is different, and the approach to introduce literati culture to the general public may be more challenging.

In this talk, I will follow my personal experiences and approach to wenren culture to describe aspects of foundation, transculturality, and globalization of the ideas of the men of letters: first, by laying out presentations of literati art and culture in some of the places of my studies and work in Europe, Asia, and the United States; second, by focusing on my own field of research, the Yuan dynasty wenren and Daoist Zhang Yu (1283-1350); and third, by addressing aspects of contextualization of literati art in various museums, before concluding with a brief introduction of the future gallery of Chinese literati art and culture at the Museum f?r Asiatische Kunst of the National Museums, which will soon reopen in the Humboldt Forum on the Museum Island in the cultural center of Berlin.


本演講將根據個人經驗與本人對文人文化的了解,描述文人思想的要義、跨文化和全球化等問題。首先,展示我曾在歐洲、亞洲和美國等地學習和工作時所些文人藝術和文化研究。然後集中講述本人的研究領域,即元代文人和道士張雨(1283 - 1350)。最後,我將討論不同博物館如何將文人藝術概念化,以及簡單介紹即將於柏林洪堡空間開幕的國家博物館亞洲藝術館中的中國文人藝術及文化展館。