DU Pengfei 杜鵬飛
Tsinghua University Art Museum 清華大學藝術博物館

Not just a Teaching Museum: The Practical Road of Tsinghua University Art Museum

As a young university museum that was only about 2 years old, Tsinghua University Art Museum has held nearly 30 colorful exhibitions since its opening. It has carried out a large number of public education and professional education activities, attracting nearly 1,000,000 visitors, winning more reputation and extensive attention from all walks of life. We have an ambitious vision to be the best and world-class university museum in China.

Around this vision, what attempts and efforts have we made in the past 2 years? What experiences and lessons have been learned? In the specific historical context of cultural globalization, where should we go in the future? What are the key factors that constrain our growth? As a Deputy Director from a non-professional field to a museum management position, how do I coordinate the conflict between environmental engineering professional teaching work and museum management? I will share with you the growth practice of Tsinghua University Art Museum. I also look forward to receiving guidance and help from museum peers and seniors.